The country has:

  • 3 capital cities
  • 11 official languages
  • One of the most modern and progressive constitutions in the world
  • An estimated 25-40% unemployment rate
  • A 25% share in Africa’s total GDP
  • The 27th biggest economy in the world (according to the World Bank)
  • The largest port in Africa and the biggest hospital in the world
  • 39 million cell phone users
  • A 66% share in Africa’s total energy production
  • The second oldest film industry in the world


  • Seventy percent of South Africa’s population is urbanized
  • South Africa is the cradle of mankind


South Africa will move into the spotlight over the course of the next two years. It is scheduled to host the 2010 Soccer world Cup – the single biggest sports event on earth.

We realize that there is a chance that the World Cup might not even take place in South Africa in 2010. Supposedly the FIFA is already working on a plan B.

Isn’t this what always happens to Africa? Whenever there is some hope it gets destroyed and eventually we end up with some sort of disaster?


We are willing to take a chance. We think everyone has much to gain from sending a positive signal now.

Many people (inluding sponsors) are staying on the sidelines and want to see what happens. We believe that whoever is ready to show support now has a lot to gain in the long run. We are prepared to deal with setbacks and won’t be discouraged easily. People will be skeptical and afraid when they hear about our project.

Regardless of all the reasons not to move on with South Africa Project we have made up our mind: We are looking to create a success story and offering you to join it.

Learn more about what we have in mind for the next years.


We are a team of experienced online marketers with prior World Cup marketing experience. Our network spans from the US & Germany to South Africa. Our support team includes experts covery many areas such as psychology & dot-com economics – all willing to add their knowledge to make a difference.

We are in a unique position to connect the dots and feel a strong calling to act on it. Here we are!Learn more


05    September 2008

Official launch of South Africa Project website – getting started!

06    September 2008

Start of the World Cup Qualification in Europe

19    September 2008

Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas – Time to hit the Blogosphere with this project. We will be there!

22    October 2008

Desmond Tutu speaking in Denver as part of the Insight Speaker Series. Looking forward to meeting him:-)

11    June 2010

Opening game of the 2010 World Cup