We believe that the prevention of violence (leading to rape) is one very important area to start with.


1. How can a boys' perception of rape be changed?


2. How can girls protect themselves?


We are looking to support the local experts and organisations doing outstanding work already.

About South Africa

-> 3 capital cities

-> 11 official languages

-> 25% share in Africa’s total GDP

-> 27th biggest economy in the world

-> Largest port in Africa

-> Biggest hospital in the world

-> 45 million cell phone users

-> 66% share in Africa’s total energy production

-> Second-oldest film industry in the world

Promoting gender quality

Through mentoring in the community, we foster positive qualities such as integrity, change, respect, passion and leadership in young men. Supporting and encouraging boys to become compassionate and responsible men plays a key role in rape prevention.

rape prevention & female empowerment

Rape has been called the silent war on women, predicted to be the top contributor to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa. We aim to empower young women to overcome social oppression and develop self-confidence, life skills and leadership qualities.

Post-rape care

Rape victims are face long-lasting effects that prevent them from growing into the human beings they potentially could be. We have partnered with the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Program to directly assist victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse.

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05   September 2008

Launch of South Africa Project.

22  October 2008

Met Desmond Tutu as part of the Insight Speaker Series.

03  November 2008

Announced partnership with the Sonke Gender Justice Network's One Man Can campaign.

06  January 2009

Approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

04  February 2010

Announced partnership with the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Program (TVEP).

11  March 2010

Welcomed first corporate sponsor Carbona, as well as supporter Eastman Kodak Corp.

11   June 2010

Opening game of the 2010 World Cup