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South Africa was in the international spot light in the summer of 2010 due to the Soccer World Cup -- the biggest single sports event on earth. Crime was curbed due to heightened security durign the days of the event.

Yet the widespread violence which leaves women and children forever traumatized is still very present today. South Africa's horrific HIV/AIDS statistics haven't changed.

We enjoyed the World Cup. Let’s not abandon South Africa and leave its people alone. Let's continue to show our support for the people of South Africa.

It would be a travesty to gloss over the country’s ongoing issues at this crucial time.

This is the time to join in the spirit of Ubuntu. By doing so, we can make a difference one life at a time.

Our objectives

Promoting gender equality

Promoting gender equality

A quarter of South African men (1 in 4) men admit to sexual assault. Of those, half did so multiple times.

Rape prevention & female empowerment

Rape prevention and female empowerment

A South African woman is more likely to be raped than learn how to read and write.

Post-rape care for victims

Post-rape care for victims

Over 5 million South Africans are infected with HIV.

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