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-> 1 in 4 South African men admit to rape, 75% of whom claim to have carried out their first assault before age 20. In addition, half of those men admit to having raped more than once.

-> On average, approximately 1,300 women (1 in 2) can be expected to be raped every day in South Africa.

-> Once raped, 1 in 4 South African women will become HIV-positive.

-> 86% of black lesbians from the Western Cape said they lived in fear of sexual assault via “corrective” or “curative” rape, in which men rape women to change their sexual orientation.

-> In 2006, South Africa became the first country in Africa to allow gay marriage.

-> Out of 1,500 schoolchildren in the Soweto township, a quarter of all the boys said that 'jackrolling' - a South African term for recreational gang rape - was fun.

-> In addition, more than half the interviewees insisted that when a girl says no to sex she really means yes.

-> South Africa has the highest per capita alcohol consumption level in the world.

Promoting Gender Equality

Preventing gender based violence is one of our main goals. Through mentoring in the community and forming alliances with like-minded organizations, we foster positive qualities such as integrity, change, respect, passion and leadership in young men.

Gender power inequities play a key role in the rapid spread of HIV through their effects on sexual relationships. In South Africa, existing gender related norms all too often encourage men to engage in high-risk behaviors. Multiple partners are condoned and encouraged for men, while women are expected to be monogamous and unquestioning of their partner’s behavior. The existing machismo and patriarchal practices offer men the power to initiate and dictate the terms of sex, while women’s refusal or negotiation often results in violence.

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"drinks are expensive"

South African men often think of gang rape like a game. The leader is called the “marhasimani”. Other men hide under the bed until the first man is finished and has left the room, then they take turns having sex with the woman while pretending to be the first man.


"It's not about her, we bought her drinks, you know how drinks are expensive," one man told BBC, disputing the notion of gang rape.

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Rape Crisis PSA from South Africa

Rape Crisis PSA

The guy in the PSA is a well known musician in S.A. called Zola, and he comes to speak about the escalating rape issue within the poorer communities of South Africa.

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